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MensajeTema: Eq-masterclass   7th Octubre 2010, 5:47 pm

EQ can be the difference between a quality recording and a

There are many urban myths surrounding the use and abuse of equalisation in the studio,
and sorting out myth from madness can be a tricky business. Often, when questioned,
famous record producers and engineers will state: 'I don't really use EQ'. However,
if you get the chance to work with these people, you'll discover that the EQ is frequently
switched in. What they are really saying is that whenever possible, they try to avoid using
equalisation as their primary sound-shaping mechanism. In fact, in most cases, they still
use EQ as much as anyone else in order to make quality recordings without changing the
fundamental character of the sound - this is just good recording practice.

aqui esta el libro para los que les interese mejorar la calidad de sus producciones
esta bien chingon les servira de mucho

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